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Welcome to Hangsapedia!

The encyclopedia of, by, and for The Hangovers. And only the Hangovers.


[edit] Getting Access to Hangsapedia

  1. If you're a Hangover or Hangs alum, hit the "login/create an account" at top right, then the "Create an Account" link on the following screen.
  2. Enter a username (your real name is perfect, it's just so we can all see who's contributing what) and a password you'll remember, and an email address, and create the account. (Please DO include your email - it is safe to do so, and it will allow the system to send you a lost password or notify you of changes if you request it. The admins cannot recover your password for you.) Usernames are case-sensitive, by the way: if you create the account as DoctorAdamsDMA, and then try to log in later as doctoradamsdma, you won't get in.
  3. Send an email with your username (NOT your password, we don't want to know it) to Once we've verified that you are a legitimate Hang or alum (using our dark, inscrutable methods) your username will be upgraded with Hangover (view & edit) privileges and you'll be on your way!

If you're not a Hangover... ummm, well, you can try here.

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